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Ben Frank, Wheelhouse, LLC.
Stephen Chaney, Forbie

Two Companies Announce Partnership to Enable Better Outcomes & Change Cancer's Impact

Wheelhouse cancer care services pair with the Forbie app to rapidly improve well-being across the nation.

NASHVILLE, TN, August 22, 2022 – Wheelhouse, a cancer management platform for employer-sponsored health plans, and Forbie, a cancer care management technology company, announced a formal partnership to improve cancer patients' lives. The partnership provides a unique combination of prevention, care management, and survivorship solutions along with a comprehensive cancer care app. This creates a full-service resource for cancer patients and rapidly furthers both organizations' missions to change cancer's impact.

"Our partnership with Forbie is the first step to expanding our reach to cancer patients around the world, says Ben Frank, CEO of Wheelhouse. "Our missions are truly aligned, and our core solutions complement each other perfectly."

The National Cancer Institute estimates that in 2022, roughly 1.9 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States. With Wheelhouse and Forbie working together, the rate at which cancer patients can experience an improved quality of life is significantly accelerated.

"The partnership opportunity with Wheelhouse is a natural fit in our mission of giving patients a voice in their cancer care and transforming the cancer care journey of patients and survivors," says Stephen Chaney, Chief Product Officer of Forbie. "The Forbie team is excited to find a partner truly focused on the cancer patient and their journey."

Wheelhouse is a cancer management platform bringing 20 years of experience in oncology to provide a holistic approach through a family of solutions for employers and health plans to close the gaps in cancer care for their employees. Solutions include cancer prevention strategies, cancer navigation, cancer coaching, insurance advising, survivorship, and return-to-work plans.

Forbie® transforms cancer care by Giving Patients a Voice in their Care™. Forbie® App is designed with patient privacy as a core tenet. Available on Google Play and the App Store, the app helps patients track their symptoms and emotions, monitor medications, track treatment side effects, and transcribe information during doctors' visits to enable positive outcomes.

For more information, please contact Ben Frank at 1-803-727-3728 and or Stephen Chaney at 1-425-890-1706 and

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