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Stephen Chaney, Forbie
Karen Anderson, Foundation 96

Two Companies Announce Partnership to Enable Better Outcomes & Change Cancer's Impact

Forbie pairs with the Foundation 96 an online cancer care community to rapidly improve well-being across the world.

BREA, CA, September 23, 2022 – Forbie, a cancer care digital health company and Foundation 96 a company that fosters an online care community for people transitioning from cancer treatment to everyday life, have announced a formal partnership to improve cancer patients' lives. The partnership provides a robust combination of a comprehensive cancer care app and an online evidence-based community support network that can empower individuals to take control of their own health data, make informed evidence-based decisions and connect with experts across the field of cancer treatment and research.

"The partnership opportunity with Foundation 96 is a natural fit in our mission of giving patients a voice in their cancer care and transforming the cancer care journey of patients and survivors. The services Foundation 96 provides for patients is a critical component of the cancer journey," says Stephen Chaney, Chief Product Officer of Forbie. "The Forbie team is excited to find a partner truly focused on the cancer patient and their journey."

Effective symptom management is a critical component of cancer treatment. Computational tools that predict the course and severity of these symptoms have the potential to assist oncology clinicians to personalize the patient's treatment regimen more efficiently and provide more aggressive and timely interventions. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology using a smartphone application to track symptoms can result in a 70% reduction in unplanned hospital visits.

"Forbie provides Foundation 96 a means to connect with people who are experiencing treatment side effects. The Forbie app helps patients identify when they need physical or emotional support and we can then refer them to trusted health and wellness professionals who can assist them," says Karen Anderson, Director of Foundation 96. "We at Foundation 96 are delighted to have found a common sense of purpose and service ethic with the team at Forbie.."

Foundation 96 offers an integrated model of care that supports people who have had a cancer diagnosis and connect them with a team of supportive health & wellness professionals and service providers that work across multiple disciplines to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Forbie® transforms cancer care by Giving Patients a Voice in their Care™. Forbie® App is designed with patient privacy as a core tenet. Available on Google Play and the App Store, the app helps patients track their symptoms and emotions, monitor medications, track treatment side effects, and transcribe information during doctors' visits to enable positive outcomes.

For more information, please contact Stephen Chaney at 1-425-890-1706 and or Karen Anderson, Foundation 96 at +61-466-672-223 and

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